MyStop Quality Control (Why buy from us?)

*FREE SERVICE with every guitar purchased from MyStop Music*

This service is like no other. MyStop Music provide a complete and thorough setup of every guitar purchased online or in store, worth over £50!

  • We’ll spend over 1 hour completing a comprehensive setup tailored to you. Just let us know your personal preference!

  • Meticulous quality control ensuring you will receive the best version your guitar can be

  • If you’re close enough to travel back to us we’ll complete another setup within 12 months of your purchase – on the house!

Here are just some of the things that the MyStop Music team look out for when guitars come through our repair shop:

  • Polish and Level Frets✓
  • Check and adjust neck relief✓
  • Adjust and correct all pots, switches and sockets ✓
  • Check and adjust the nut✓
  • Tighten Machineheads ✓
  • Check and adjust the neck angle and alignment✓
  • Restring ✓
  • Check and adjust the action✓
  • Clean and polish the guitar✓